Welcome to Lulas Boutique

Hi everyone this is Monique Lula from Glowies.net and here is my new little art shop! I am so excited and pleased to announce and show you my latest creations, but wanted to keep it separate from my "glow in the dark jewelry" store so there is no confusion and I can isolate these items into one location to make it easy for you to find.

This shop will feature things like Pillows and things made from my own original art. I hope you find something you like and I appreciate you taking the time to look and read this... (will add more later) 

Many of you may or may not know but before I made jewelry, I made pillows for boutiques, Barney's new York, Cher's "Sanctuary " Interior Design catalog, and countless fashion design houses in Los Angeles in my 20's so I am very excited to get back to this stuff! 

- Monique Lula

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