I have memories of begging my mother for a rainbow set of poster paints in the grocery store. I was too young and they were not child safe. However I was on my way to a life of color filled with lots of paint. There have been random times throughout my life that painting for personal pleasure has been a great therapy. I adore so many colors and even more the combinations of them. 

I have been immersed in my line of glow in the dark jewelry, Glowies, for a few years now but as life would have it the path is once again winding me through the halls of paint creativity and my wardrobe is slowly becoming speckled in paint again. So it has become, Lulas Boutique. 

My art needs new places to be displayed where they can feel comfortable alongside shades of colors they complement. I always have grand visions when creating, thoughts of lush colorways and which color velvet sofa would look best below this painting. I love interior design almost as much as jewelry design, and often one will inspire the other. Thank you for reading and check back to see my latest art. Follow me on facebook.com/moniquelula and instagram.com/moniquelula to see my painting fluid art creation videos and see the art in my shop being created. Find my glow in the dark jewelry at www.glowies.net Lots more to come!

Monique Lula