Long before I started making Glowies I worked in Los Angeles as a designer making high end textiles, velvet pillows, curtains, throws, all kinds of expensive items sold through Cher's Sanctuary catalog, the famous Barney's New York store, and numerous design houses in New Orleans and California. I have a long resume that includes interior design and decor for famous locations and celebrities such as interior design for Emiril Lagasse's Delmonico's Restaurant in New Orleans and Cher had my pillows on her couch.

My work in the 90s was in magazines.  In the 90s I grew tired of working for other designers and began working for myself.

I started Lulas Boutique as a fun place for me to sell the non-glow in the dark items and sold dresses, pillows, face masks, art and more... I will be adding more types of items inspired by and using my multi-media art, digital art, fluid art, clay, acrylic paint, and other art techniques.

While in high school, I took jewelry making, and have made and sold jewelry since I was in my teens. In my early 20s I took a trip to New Orleans and met my husband, fast forward to 2012 and we launched Glowies.net and made history on the internet and went viral on social media with my glow in the dark jewelry.

I was the first to design many of the items you have seen on the internet like Glow Moons, or Crescent Moon Orb Necklaces. Many of my designs have been imitated and copied by many. Factories in China began buying and replicating my items in the 2000s.

In 2023 relaunched Lulas Boutique as a stand-alone site offering digital art prints and other print on demand and will see where we go from here.

 I am happily married raising our daughter in New Orleans among the culture and living a great life creating art and making Glowies.

I keep this boutique separate from my Glowies store so no one is confused about if items glow or not.  This shop will focus on non-glowing items. If you need Glow just jump over to Glowies.net

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